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    Default The redrawing of world politics

    Does anyone think that with the developments in France and Belgium and the global reports of violence and murder in Pakistan, Niger and Lebanon in response to the publication of a further cartoon of muhammed, that there could be a divide opening up and being exploited as a new cold war.

    Political islam in the underdeveloped world is more of an intractable cultural opposite or adversary than the communist world ever was, certainly than it is in the remaining incarnations in the world today, like market maoism for instance, of those which are not amenable to being co-opted, like north korea, they resemble more some sort of fuedalism or nation dominated by a crime syndicate than really having an ideological character.

    What do any of the politically interested posters on the forum think? I think that this could be used to shore up structural international injustices but even if you're concerned about those things you cant ignore the rise of political islam because while it may exploit grievances which involve structural injustices I dont believe it really cares that much about them.

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    Politics is about power.

    Our first instinct is to maximise power so we can do the maximum amount of good. All political systems from tribalism, dictatorship, oligarchy, theocracy, national socialism and communism, maximise power. Only one political system limits power. And that political system arose from the Western Enlightenment, and it is liberal democracy.

    A great many of us across the globe follow our first instincts; and a substantial number follow the counter-intuitive thought of the literate Enlightenment, and practise liberal democracy.

    So it is instinct versus thought.

    It translates today into barbarism versus civilization.

    The more excited they get, the calmer we get.

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