Physician-assisted suicide is now legal in Canada, as per the Supreme Court of Canada.

More specifically:
People with grievous and irremediable medical conditions should have the right to ask a doctor to help them die, Canada's highest court says in a unanimous ruling. The Supreme Court of Canada says a law that makes it illegal for anyone to help a person commit suicide should be amended to allow doctors to help in specific situations.

The ruling only applies to competent adults with enduring, intolerable suffering who clearly consent to ending their lives. The court has given federal and provincial governments 12 months to craft legislation to respond to the ruling; the ban on doctor-assisted suicide stands until then. If the government doesn't write a new law, the current one will be struck down.

The ruling is not limited to those with a physical disability who require a physician's assistance to end their lives.
Doctor-assisted suicide allowed by Supreme Court in specific cases - Politics - CBC News

Go, Canada!

Another point for freedom of choice!