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    Default NOM is no longer 'nomnom'able?

    The National Organization for Marriage has collapsed into debt.

    On Wednesday, the viciously anti-gay National Organization for Marriage finally released its 2013 tax filings—two days late, in direct violation of federal law. The results are nothing short of brutal. NOM raised $5.1 million last year—a 50 percent drop-off from its 2012 earnings. Two donors accounted for more than half of that money. And the group’s “Education Fund,” which churns out anti-gay propaganda and homophobic calumny, raised less than $1.7 million, a 70 percent decline from 2012. NOM closed out the year more than $2.5 million in debt.

    How did this collapse occur so quickly? I have three theories.
    - The first is that casual donors grew weary of NOM’s execrably hateful campaigns and craven refusal to face public censure....
    - My second, related theory is NOM’s donors are increasingly terrified of being unmasked...
    - My third theory—and probably the most likely one—is that NOM’s former donor base has simply lost interest. The battle is over. They know it, and they’re moving on.
    it's a blog piece, and obviously the author has particular (and intense) feelings towards NOM.

    But just focusing on the facts themselves, the money losses... that's a HUGE decline in two years -- 50% dropoff in money raised (with half of what remains mostly supplied by two donors?), and the education fund is down 70% in money raised.

    IOW, they've been a very vocal very prominent voice in the debate for a long time, but it looks like that time might soon be over. It makes you wonder what things might sound like in a year or two.

    (Although, technically, one could say the question is no longer relevant to the voting base, where their efforts have been aimed towards, and instead appears to have been determined at this stage by the judicial system.)
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    I like it when money is speaking the language of the people.
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