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    Quote Originally Posted by Beorn View Post
    Lol. [...]

    You should go into politics.

    I have far too much disdain for liars to endure the company.
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    When Gruber says "stupid American voters", he means Independents and Democrats because they were the only ones who believed in the lies. Those of us on the other side knew the Dems were lying all the time. Seriously, the President says he's going to add 30 million more people to the healthcare system and hire 100,000 more bureaucrats to run it and you still think it's going to lower your premiums by $2500/household and you still get to keep your doctor and healthcare plan? Gruber is absolutely correct in his assessment of the Democrat/Independent voter.
    Whatever happened to Jill Eikenberry? She used to be all over the TV; haven't seen her in years.

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    This is how almost everyone in high end government and media thinks. People are too stupid and self destructive to know whats good for us so let the New World Order decide.

    The so-called democracy in the US is an illusion. Bush, or Obama, or Clinton, nothing really changes.

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    ‘Many novelties have come from America. The most startling of these, a thing without precedent, is a mass of undignified poor. They do not love one another because they do not love themselves.’

    ‘And we will have made great strides in equality,
    when few have too much and fewer too little.’.

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