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Thread: Train decorum

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    Default Train decorum

    This was absolutely great. It was handled in such a proper way. I think all future train/public arguments should look to this one for the proper etiquette. First, the girl is being all ghetto and annoying as fuck, the guy doesn't react. When she hits him he composes himself for a second before delivering a slap which shook the whole train. He doesn't make any further move to continue the confrontation. Enter white knight who decides now is the time to win his lady's heart. He takes it upon himself to escalate the confrontation, our hero duly obliges and begins to lay a smackdown on the raggedy knight. 2 Girls decide to flip the odds in their favour by delivering shoe attacks from behind, our hero's friend rightly decides now is a valid time to join and help his comrade, he takes one of the girls out of the fray and sits her on her ass. Another fine upstanding young black man separates the other girl from the action. Everyone watches in awe as our Ryan Gosling Drive jacket wearing hero continues to pulverize the knight. The other passengers appreciate that they are witnessing a great free show and bellow encouragement. It was such a wonderful passage of events, it could be turned into a play, I want to see this on the stage.
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