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I hope that you know what you have typed here.

If you are president of so big country you must do things based on facts not beliefs. If you are not doing that you are ignorant idiot who is a serious threat for entire country (an other countries).

When you mess with education and future generations you can't just try you must succeed at all costs.
Plus if you are against science as Bush is, you will only create education in style of Saudi Arabia.

This is once again one of those things he just attempted because situation in Africa is getting worse.

When did US send a massage that It will negotiate with terrorists in the first place?
Only thing he sent is a massage that if you are playing your cards in a right order and in a right way you can totally drain the US economy.

Where did you get this?

His job is to run the country not to have personal show few times a week.

I agree with this one.

Have you ever seen what the guy is doing when he is visiting other countries.
When few billion people think that you are idiot and you are ignoring them.
There is very large possibility that you are actually bigger idiot then they think.

I know "what I've typed here." And I typed it to answer one of Sunshine's questions, not to invite another round of Bush-bashing. It's so very very tired.