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    Default MBTI and westernization of ME

    How do you think different types in the Middle East would react to westernization of their Countries?
    As one actually living there it is how I see it:
    NT types: they are the most zealous admirers of the western culture and greatest critics of their own. They are feminists, love science and technology, value academic acheivements more than everybody else and have less regard for family ties. They admire Europeans "because they focus on work and don't meddle with useless emotional stuff!" Sweden and Norway are their paradise.
    SJ types: They mostly prefer their own traditions. But as they value hard working and order very much, they consider Germany to be the best part of the world (aside with Japan but it is not a western Country). Otherwise patriarchist and patriotic as SJs are, they are the last type to open the door to a foreign culture.
    NF types: because of their adherence to religion and spirituality, they might be against materialism and free love (things normally associated with modernity), but as they believe in human rights they strongly criticize their native culture for tolerating child abuse, domestic violence and racism etc. They love the fact the modern world is fighting these evils.
    SPs: They love to drink, dance and have open relationships. It is a challenge to have those things in ME, but as this type is for challenge, they quickly get bored after being in a western Country for awhile. Apparently ME is a better place to have adrenaline rush because it is so chaotic!
    Actually I know an ESTP who said:" there is less fun in drinking and sleeping around when it is legal to do so!"

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    Apologies for the diversion, but it is necessary:

    OP's is a highly condescending attitude to take, and portrays much of the arrogance typical of Western governments. It is a mistake to assume that Western culture is (1.) intrinsically superior, and even if it was, it does not follow that (2.) this culture should be forced upon or even encouraged in other parts of the world. When you heard George W. Bush, or hear Barack Obama talking about the importance of democracy, they mean the imposition of Judeo-American values onto a people with a completely different culture and way of organising. It doesn't surprise me that Western styles of government has been a spectacular failure in almost every country outside Europe and the colonies. And mass democracy has a lot of weaknesses, so we can hardly afford to be complacent.

    It is also an unjustified stereotype to assume that people of a particular temperament will hold certain, predictable political opinions. This is one of the worst misuses of MBTI and should always be avoided. "Oh, he's a conservative, so he must be an ISTJ", and "she's such a socialist, she must be an INFP". Et cetera.

    Now I will give everyone the actual answer to the question. The majority of people in the Middle East want white people and our culture gone. I know this because with the help of our idiotic governments, jihadist "rebels" overthrew their secular dictators and the majority of freed voters promptly installed Islamic regimes in their countries.

    Before anyone admonishes me, I have travelled in many countries in the area. I am not some redneck pontificating from a backwoods cabin.

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    The striking thing about the Middle East is that almost everyone has a mobile phone or access to one.

    This means that traditional tribalism has been overlaid with electronic tribalism.

    And electronic tribalism amplifies traditional tribalism and drives the tribalists into a frenzy we see on our TVs and in our newspapers everyday.

    We also have mobile phones and are also becoming electronic tribalists, but we have the antidote to tribalism, both traditional and electronic. And the antidote to tribalism is literacy.

    And this is the singular difference between us and the Middle East. We have achieved universal literacy, while the Middle East is largely illiterate.

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