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  • Yes absolutely. It's offensive and done in bad taste.

    3 8.82%
  • I find it very distasteful, but I'm pretending I'm not personally affected.

    2 5.88%
  • eh... I can understand people being offended but I really just don't care.

    12 35.29%
  • No, people can't tell people when to smile in pictures or not. It's just a picture.

    16 47.06%
  • I probably would have done this tbh.

    3 8.82%
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    Turning something immensely insignificant into an inflated balloon of useless emotion.

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    Of course, terrible things happened in that concentration camp, so it might feel a little strange to see someone smiling while having their picture taken there. But let's put this in perspective: lots of terrible things happened in lots of different places. Yes, even in places that are now tourists hotspots.

    So you're going to Paris and you've decided to visit the Place de la Concorde? Don't take a smiling selfie, thousands of people were executed there in the 18th century, including children (yes, they were on the 'wrong' side of history, but they're still people).
    So you're going to London and you've decided to visit Tower Hill? Don't take a smiling selfie there, countless people were executed there (I just looked it up, turns out there are so many places in London where something terrible happened you'd better ask yourself where you would be allowed to smile).
    So you're going to Moscow and you've decided to visit the Red Square? Don't take a smiling selfie there, they don't call it the Red Square for nothing and as you might notice upon your arrival the Red Square isn't actually red at all (and no, it's not because of communists).

    Sure, the horrors of concentration camps were more severe and their sole purpose was to kill people, so it's worse. But if you're going to make a huge problem out of someone smiling there (come on, it's not as if they're having an orgy there), keep in mind all the horrors that took place at locations that you happen to visit and don't let me catch you smiling there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kullervo View Post
    It takes this to get people to realise how mindless selfies are?
    No. You made that part up.

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    No one has a right not to be offended.
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    I don't see the big deal personally. If it ended up in my feed I would scroll past. And it seems far enough back and enough of a tourist thing. She isn't smiling at a death in particular, nor the event. But how you feel depends on how removed you feel from it though. If someone took a selfie smiling at the Malaysian Airlines site I would think it is a bit screwed up. Perceptions. It is pretty obvious it could be offensive to some people, so she should have really taken that into account.

    I don't get the selfie hate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noll View Post
    I don't think it's offensive. Bunch of oversensitive bastards, not like she honored the killings or anything. Even then - to each his and her own. Someone having a wrongful opinion doesn't hinder the fight for objective fairness! It just makes the person look stupid.
    In what way is it inoffensive besides the fact that it doesn't apparently bother you?
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    I can see how this would be offensive. She did mention later on that she was smiling because she happy to have made it there, as she and her late father had planned to make the trek. I think adding that for context in the original post to begin with would have prevented a great deal of the outrage people are expressing now. Not all of it, necessarily, but some. It's still rather tactless, either way.

    Hindsight's 20:20, I guess.
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    It's just too stupid and distasteful to be considered offensive.
    Too often freedom of speech/expression, which I'm all in for, is just an excuse for people to act like morons. If that's what it means fuck freedom.
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    Some posts have been removed for being derailing / further moderator review.

    Considering the nature of the thread and how easily it could go off the rails, please make an effort to keep the tone thoughtful rather than unnecessarily inflammatory. Thanks.
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    Yes, absolutely. It's offensive and done in bad taste. And it's fucking hilarious, too! Kinda like doing a Nazi salute in front of a Holocaust museum.

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