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    Default Legacy Institutions and Typology Central

    We are losing trust, faith and interest in our institutions whether they are political parties, religions, clubs and societies, sporting clubs, or Unions.

    And the universal response of the institutions is defensive whether it is political parties, Unions, or religions.

    They are defensive for two reasons: first, the first duty of any institution is survival, and second, these are legacy institutions with an authoritarian ethos.

    And the world is moving on from an authoritarian ethos to an empathic and creative ethos.

    For instance, Typology Central is a legacy institution mounting a major defensive effort to gain members.

    Typology Central is incapable of functioning in an empathic and creative environment and will continue to decline even while major resuscitiation efforts are made.

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    It's your forum.

    Any empathetic and creative ideas you have are welcome.

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