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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    Again what i said: "What really happened with hitler is that soviet union did most of the work". Now if you think about what "the work" means in the context of war against nazis, you might realize that its not about shipping guns, its about actually killing the nazis..
    Nevermind, you're right, I was wrong, $341 billion dollars spent on the war, equivalent to about 4-5 Trillion dollars, plus 407,316 United States soldiers dead or missing doesn't count for much. I don't know what we were thinking expending all that money and man power to help defeat true evil abroad. Everyone should have stayed at home eating popcorn listening to the radio as the Axis powers annihilated and took over Europe and the Pacific.
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    Why it rules:

    - We're pretty much on top regarding standard of living
    - We have an advanced social system
    - Our unemployment rate is very low (4,8% by Feb 2014) - I'm a bit skeptic about that though
    - Vienna is one of the most liveable cities worldwide (in which I'm currently living most of the time)

    - We have a rich history and cultural heritage of which I'm proud of (The Monarchy, The Strauss composers, Freud, Mozart - counting him as Austrian since he was born in Salzburg which is now Austrian territory)
    - Beautiful landscapes and lakes - It ranges from alpine to plains to pannonian - It may be a little monotonous due to the large monocultures of spruces, though
    - Skiing was invented in Austria, it's one of my favorite sports

    Why it sucks:

    - The current government is absolutely unwilling to carry through administrative reforms and they still get elected since their voters belong those sectors which desperately need reforms. It's sad that they are now going for the farmers who are not all people with high income.
    - We have restricted immigration but it's still a problem since there is sadly a lack of integration and on top of that no obligation to have an advanced knowledge of German. How are people not knowledgeable of the country's predominant language supposed to get a job? You can't even get a McJob without that.
    - We're giving up to much competencies to the EU parliament.
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