B92 - News - Serbian Church sends letter to Vatican
Stepinac was a WW2-era Croatian Catholic cardinal, convicted after the war for collaboration with the fascist Independent State of Croatia (NDH) entity. The NDH operated death camps during the war that were the sites of mass murder of Serbs, Jews, and Romas.
SPC Patriarch Irinej said the announcements from the Vatican that Stepinac could be canonized by the end of the year came as "a great surprise" for the Serbian Orthodox dignitaries - "because in order for someone to be a saint, they must be a truly shining and holy personality and be accepted as such by other Christians."
B92 - News - "Nothing can stop" canonization of controversial cardinal
After the Second World War, Stepinac was, among other things, convicted for cooperating with the top of the fascist Croatian regime, the Ustashas. He died in 1960 while under house arrest. Croatian historiography, however, now shows him mostly in a positive light, as "a righteous person and a victim of historical circumstances."

The Zagreb daily Jutarnji List quoted sources from the Vatican who said the controversial Croatian cardinal, who has already been beatified, could soon be declared a saint, but that this will probably happen in the fall rather than in May, as has been expected.
what do you think of all this? I think even though I'm not a christian, you shouldn't become a saint if you supported death camps. and I always thought that everyone had to be in agreement that you were a good person

if anyone knows more then me i want to know. which will be a lot of people because I know nothing. I was going to ask peguy for his input but he deleted his account