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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Herring View Post
    I love how this thread is mainly about how censorship is stupid and hardly at all about what the (dubious) suggestion is really all about: the idea that the same behavior is judged differently if it comes from a boy or a girl. There are empirical experiments that have shown that that's the case even with newborn baby's (people perceive and describe the same behavior differently if they are told the baby is a boy/girl).
    Iwakar described this well.

    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    I shared this a few weeks ago on my Facebook page when I first heard about it and was curious what other people thought. The first critical observation was that the title is deliberately provocative. Ban is a strong word meant to provoke strong reactions.
    I'd say mission accomplished for Ban Bossy. When you purposely use words like "ban" in the context of a free society, irrespective of the word, the user "should" be checked and called on it, an immune response. All press is good press? *shrugs*
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    Oh, oh, my mother was bossy, and I fall heavily for any bossy woman. I know it is a weakness, and worse I am politically incorrect, but like Oedipus, I love my Mum. The only problem is they find bossing me around all the time to be tedious. I don't want to look after you, the last one said, as she kissed me goodbye.

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