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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellenbach View Post
    It'd work much better if the Veterans Affairs department were eliminated altogether and the money went directly to the veterans. Why should veterans be restricted to seeing doctors at certain facilities? Why can't they be allowed to see whichever doctor they want? Give them a card that's linked to a health savings account and let them decide where they want to spend the money. Problem solved.
    coming from the big picture perspective, I took it to be their way of trying to keep costs down. *shrug* I mean, isn't that how insurance works through the workplace? If you go with plans that restrict your doctors (i.e., they're precertified by the plan), your costs are lower. But maybe that's not working anymore in this situation -- maybe it's too many people for too few approved doctors & facilities.

    Of course, I suspect that if they did it the way you suggest and the allocated money wasn't enough to cover the treatment of these American citizens who risked their lives and were sometimes brutally hurt in the service of their country, then a different faction would be making a loud noise about that as well. Any solution taken has its detractors and raises its share of media noise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer
    coming from the big picture perspective, I took it to be their way of trying to keep costs down.
    Built into every bureaucracy is a 50% overhead cost. The VA gets over $150 billion/year and half of that goes to bureaucrats. That's just stupid, but as I've said earlier....the primary role of a bureaucracy is not to serve the people but to provide jobs to Democrats. The VA employs about 350,000 paper shufflers. All that wasteful spending should be going towards medical care for veterans. Privatize it, eliminate the middle man, and give veterans greater choices and more money.
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