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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    Sure, but this way we don't have faux guilt and wasted effort.
    It's only fake guilt and wasted effort if global warming is not true. you personally may think it is not true, but a lot of people are uncertain, and there is really no way to be sure other than to wait things out and see what happens (and even than, we may still not completely be sure why things are happening the way they are, if climate science does not develop quickly enough.)

    Of course, the same applies to any complex issue (economics, gun control, etc.), where people do not have everything nailed down, and someone is perfectly capable of proving whichever position they want to by twisting the statistics the right way.
    You, and many other people in this thread, seem to have looked at the information, made a decision how to interpret it, and adjust your logic to fit whatever your opinion on the issue is. My point was that the issue is complex enough, and has enough unknowns in it, that if twisted the right way you can interperet the information any way you like, but it may not actual be the right interperetation.

    It seems a lot of people in this thread (and in general, and on issues besides global warming) want certainty, and look for a simple cause and effect explanation for why something happens, when in many cases (including climate) the issues are complicated enough that neither of these will occur. On global warming, there is no reason that human added greenhouse gases and the Sun (El Ninos, etc.) can't be contributing to a warming. The climate is also complex enough, that being able to confidently predict exactly what will happen is still a ways off. The uncertainty doesn't mean automatically that humans cannot be contributing to warming (Some data argues for it, some against), just that it is not a sure thing, and the uncertainties need to be taken into account when making decisions.

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    Uncertainty? What's uncertain about this:

    The earth was a balanced ecosystem BEFORE humanity came to fruition with all of its planet-wounding technology, with its oil rigs and its mineshafts and its pollution spewing contraptions. What if the Earth is NOT balanced for humanity to simply devour its resources?

    Is it just dogmatic propaganda when you get a face full of exhaust? Is ground zero just political propaganda?

    What's responsible for both of those maladies?


    We need to get off of it. The sooner, the better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    Oh how astute of you to notice. It's pretty becoming of me don't you think? Totally fits my character... :genericsmileyconveyingasenseofsuperiority:
    It was a pretty sweet dodge.

    The LOLable part is, the part of his post I read, was not untrue. And he shouldn't have been posting it in this thread either. You said the whole post was a FAIL. You were incorrect hence my intervening. I wonder if that's the same as blaming a black person for bringing black storm clouds to an outdoor party.
    The whole post was a fail, and almost all untrue. Did you not see me point out the several fallacious arguments? I mean, the claim about the non-citizen death toll was easily refuted; a quick look on google or wikipedia would show that. chimp was factually wrong, hence my pointing it out. At least ATTEMPT to refute an argument using some evidence, or don't "intervene."

    Edit: Hmm... the smily didn't work. I figured we'd have several of those ones.
    Keep at it.
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