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I'm a reglar 'ol civilian. Why is that?

edit: oh, maybe you're talking about a fellar like this:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's possible those two marines weren't even combatants, and just had way too much testosterone, piss, and vinegar. Possible some booze. It was an emotional reaction.

I've known some soldiers that had come back from combat zones, and there was something more mellow about them than guys that hadn't been deployed yet, fresh out of basic.

Then again, I'm a civi.
Guys like that (in the picture you posted) are a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if the guys in the video never served, just had the t-shirts. Those look like the T-shirts you get after enlisting but before going to boot camp. If I saw the guy carrying the upside down flag I wouldn't pay him any attention, because attention is all he is looking for.