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    Default "The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand" [ARTICLE]

    Just so you know it from a Rand authority, there is utterly no truth to this article after page 1. And even the idea that Ayn Rand is a GOP hero is a falsehood. There are some on the right who like/love/worship Rand, and there are some on the right who dislike/hate/revile Rand. The idea that Rand is a "gateway drug" to the GOP is preposterous.
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    If Rand is the gateway drug to the GOP right, does this also mean that Marx and Engels are the gateway drug to the American left? What a lousy article. Instead of addressing Rand's philosophy (which is just commonsense libertarianism), the author merely engages in the usual ad-hominem attacks. The author clearly sees value in lefty programs like Medicare and Medicaid, but she offers no reason as to why she supports them.

    If you're going to attack Rand, you'd have to defend statism and I've seen no logical defense of statist policies. This is just another example of circle jerking.
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