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    jesus was a carpenter

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkgraffiti View Post
    replace people there with me. i think all those things. don't you need money in order to have a house and food on your plate? the alternatives you gave make you be dependent on the state (welfare) or other people. but human bonds are so frail and...surely you wouldn't want to be a burden to someone else? i'm feeling quite a bit of stress at the moment because of my job, and i've thought of actually quitting and following my dreams (e.g. go travel the world, hitchhiking, for months and months)...and then maybe see what other job i can get when i come back... but in this economy, i'm not sure i want to drop my stressful job (that kills my motivation and is full of routine and doesn't nurture my spirit etc etc) for another stress that is not knowing if you're going to have money to make it till the end of the month. cause i've been there as well, and it wasn't fun.

    oh, btw i just thought of something: another reason to work besides money: work makes you feel like you have a purpose. you wake up in the morning and you know you're part of something bigger. you work with other people, in a social structure. and we are social animals, so i guess in someway this gives us a sense of security. and also, work in most cases means someone else (boss) is telling you what to do and giving structure to your day. i guess these are all things that seem easier and make us feel secure (in an illusionary way of course).
    I'm not advocating not working at all! I'm also not saying to not have goals or ambitions to accomplish things. Rather, I think that's a better focus than money to survive.

    I quit my full time job last winter, and perhaps impulsively, to make more time for my volunteer work (which I mentioned a bit in a previous post here). I'm doing freelance work & sub teaching part-time now, but I did have it lined up when I quit my job. Money's tighter, don't have much, if any, to save. Some would say this is silly...but once upon a time I had a very comfortable income & decent savings accumulating, but a job loss & long period of unemployment ate that up. Then it was gone & I still had no steady work - but I survived, & now I know I can survive. Family & friends proved more of a support than money, which was more stressful as it was running out than when it actually did run out. It's at that point you fully feel the real support, because instead of falling into some hole, you sort of float at rock bottom. It's like, "oh okay, there's something there. The world does not end if I don't have money in the bank." Not saying there is no stress, but only when the wish for the illusion starts to rise up, then I remind myself what an illusion it was. And the money always comes, not magically, but because I approach it with that confidence & keep it in its place.

    Structure is the hard part. I struggle with that a lot, but then I struggle with it when given to me also. I do best with loose structure & having to create some for myself is good for me. I see value in it more that way, and I also have the freedom to operate in my natural style, which doesn't need or even flourish with a ton of structure. The simplification of my lifestyle because of having less money also means it requires less maintenance, & that reduces stress. I have no debt & few bills to keep track of & not a ton of stuff to look after.

    I suppose because I do have my volunteer work I don't feel cut off from people; I've never socialized with co-workers or felt that to fill any people-need. I don't need much direction at all for most projects though. I have a lot of ideas & am good at improvising & experimenting & forming my own process, so a boss telling me what to do is more like a straight-jacket

    I've had similar desires to do the nomad thing, and similar obstacles (mental & practical), and I can't say I'm there yet. But I feel closer to it already as I build up freelance clients that give me regular, location independent projects. And the simpler lifestyle will make it easier to move around more or be gone more often.

    And in doing more fulfilling volunteer work that has a selflessness to it, you could say I have a faith in things working out too. The people connections I make this way are much better, of the more loyal & considerate variety. These are far less frail or unstable than money. And it makes people fee good to give; I learned it's a gift of sorts to allow someone to give to you. Think about how you feel when you give to someone; why deny that to others? It's really pride that won't allow you to accept help.
    For example, when I travel now, I have more connections for splitting costs on things or for crashing in someone's living room. You can do more with less $ if you invest the time/energy in areas that economy & jobs can't affect, things of real value.

    I may fall flat on my face & end up moving back with my parents for the umpteenth time, but it's always better to me than the regretting NOT taking a chance & being miserable in that illusion of security.

    So that probably explains my perspective on this matter & why I think money as security is an illusion, one that can actually prevent you from developing a real security, which is more like a faith in humanity, yourself & even the "something higher" concepts.

    So you want to travel a lot... you won't want an expensive home base then. Something small, cheap, perhaps able to be sublet. And you won't want a lot of stuff to be cared for when you're gone, and you can't take it with you. Next is considering work whole you travel...look into location independent types of work, start building skills in those areas. Or look into teaching English in other countries (a popular way to work & travel). Then keep your eye open for opportunities. Of course I just explained the FiNe approach to life here...what's truly significant (to me) & what do I really want? what potential ways can I meet it? what unessentials can I cut out to make those potentials more realistic? what are some tried & true ways (Si)? what assumptions need to b discarded? what are some novel ways? Then keep an eye out for it & make move without too much hesitation or over-thinking.

    Hope that helps
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    @OrangeAppled thanks. good to have an INFP in one's life
    i'll marinate on this. it's one of those things that take months, if not years, but again thanks for a couple of suggestions (e.g. voluntary work, being brave, etc).

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