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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    That's a glib reading of a nuanced discussion and with a tortured analogy to boot. I never argued that women shouldn't have choice. In fact, I took great pains to point out that I am in favor of legalized abortion. I'm talking about shared points of reference and the fact that until logical inconsistencies in both pro-life and pro-choice arguments are ironed out, and we collectively agree on a few important definitions, any debate on the topic is pointless. I seem to have been right.
    Relax. I understood what you meant about logical inconsistencies. Go back and re-read my response without defensiveness and you will see that I was giving the other side to that. I was countering the "logical inconsistency" that you say you had difficulty with. There is no logical inconsistency when the tenet is from "It is a woman's decision only. She alone has the right to choose". I wasn't being glib. I was only seeking to give an example you might identify with as a male that might make you "see" how a pro-choice woman views the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Parasite may be a harsh term and I agree it is no way to describe a baby normally, but technically speaking, the definition of a parasite states that the relationship benefits the one while it burdens the others. I only used it to point out the significant cost to the woman's body that she normally would gladly go through for the sake of her child during a wanted pregnancy. In fact, I've heard pregnant women actually describe the experience of pregnancy as being similar to what it must be like to be invaded by an alien parasite as your body no longer is your own and changes into something you do not recognise, or so Im told.
    My issue is that the fetus is not an external invader, it's part of a natural reproductive process that human beings specifically are geared to do, in order to perpetuate the species-- it's a part of the natural cycle of life for human beings (and also for many other species). The typical arguments I hear essentially make it out to be little more than some kind of predatory creature, like a xenomorph from Alien, unnatural and imposed unwillingly for the sole purpose of cannibalizing a human being as food.

    Perhaps we sometimes have certain feelings about it, due to the rigors of pregnancy, and of course I empathize with those kinds of feelings; but realistically I think the term "parasite" as used in these kinds of discussion draws an inaccurate comparison.

    I don't really care to discuss it further. Like i said, the whole thing pisses me off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I don't really care to discuss it further. Like i said, the whole thing pisses me off.
    I find it interesting because we have an irresistible force meeting an immovable object, namely, pro-choice meeting pro-life.

    And of course it gets heated because there appears to be no possible resolution.

    But such an impasse is intellectually interesting as it suggests a resolution is yet to be discovered.

    It is like the impasse between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. So far there is no evidence of a resolution, but the intellectual hunt for a solution goes on.

    So a place to start is to see that pro-choice and pro-life share a common impasse with Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

    Who would have guessed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    you do know there's a member named @Ponyboy on here? and I thought he had gotten banned and was wondering why people were happy about it, and why in this thread
    Never been warned, infracted, or banned
    I have no idea who those 2 are and I'm assuming they have no idea who I am, ergo....don't care

    Yes, this is a very strange thread for cheering my "demise"

    Edit: Just saw in my "mentions" tab I had a love song dedicated to me.....I guess I'll be over there for a bit.
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