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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom View Post
    That may have been what they meant and that would be ludicrous, I'm not sure that was what they intended though. As I implied I think they meant someone who would normally sypathise with Obama's policies, in their heads they may think that should be anyone earning $35,000 but that's their head isn't it? Obviously a large part of middle income america supports the Republicans, or else they'd not be the power in American politics that they are...
    That's because (fortunately) people in American don't vote straight across class lines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom View Post
    It's been atleast a couple of generations maybe 4 since the US was accepting anglo-saxons (as immigrants)....

    So people who Dare commit crimes huh? I buy that, but how many do it only for the thrill? Those you dared, emigrated did they? but why did they want to emigrate? There are things that drive these things and poverty drives(in the case of crime)/drove(in the case of mass migration to the USA) both these things.

    And on a thread about racism you just accused the European (or more specifically the anglo-saxon) population of america of being more inclined to commit crime than their English cousins... Are you really sure about that?
    There are more Anglo Saxons in prison per capita In America than in the Old Merry.
    There are many reasons, but the chief reason is they simply commit more crimes in America. Because they dare.

    The people who emigrate are never the poorest. It takes money to cross the Atlantic. The poorest never leave the home turf.

    In Finland the emigrants were almost exclusively from the affluent areas of the country.
    It is the daredevils who leave. If they cannot find success by legal means they are not inept to turn to crime.

    Read Godfather if you do not believe me.
    The Anglo Saxons did not want to give the Italians equal opportunity.
    The Italians were not bent on waiting. They took the opportunity.

    Dare is the thrill.

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