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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellenbach View Post
    I don't think anyone can seriously argue that Carter's policies were better than Reagan's policies. Obama's policies are unfortunately a reversal of Reagan's policies and that's why we're seeing a stagnant economy.
    No, but there is an important difference between Reagan and a typical Republican. He was a true believer in free-market capitalism the way Adam Smith conceived of it, not crony capitalism. Do you think that Reagan would have authorized the bailout in the 2008? Would he be cutting welfare programs just to squander more government funds on corporate welfare?
    "Do not argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." -- Mark Twain

    “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.”---Samuel Johnson

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    Im a registered Republican and staunch conservative. I believe in capitalism, limited effing government and knocking down as many trees as possible. One of my biggest pet peeves is watching my dad give away his hard earned money to the public schools that his kids dont go to and to the lazy people of society who just dont want to get off there ass and get a job. Why should my father pay for them? Also there should be no such thing as the '1%'. People who work their asses off for years finally make it past the 250k mark and end up with as much $ as people way below the bracket. Does that make sense? NO its fucked up. If someone doesnt stop me soon im gonna go run for senate or some shit

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    i'm inxp, t or f, i don't know if i'm thinking or feeling...i guess i'm feeling, though to me it feels like i'm just being really, infp.

    work isn't something you do just to do.
    resources aren't to be utilized just because.

    i look at the 'greatest generation' before us...and in an age before computers, they sent man to the moon. it was a collective effort, and it was borne out of competition. to me, this remains one the most awesome facts i have ever realized. pause for a second, look at that ball we've been looking at since before we were cave apes, that ball species even beyond man have revered for eons and think...we were there ~50 years ago.

    we owe it to ourselves, to them, and to our future to continue that work. to better that achievement.

    there are two main things i would like to see happen.

    the improvement in the quantity (length) and quality (health) of life and the continued expansion of our species. we need to conquer space and time. both these things are within our grasp. maybe not this generation, maybe not the next. but 10 to 15 generations down the line, we'll be on the brink of both if we lay the groundwork for it now. significant life extension and enhancement and space colonization, i don't see a reason why it can't be achieved. i've bought in and it's the only work i'm interested in doing.

    our resources, then, should be poured towards those ends. they shouldn't be used at an exorbitant pace 'just because we can'. our kids deserve better than that, as does our legacy, as do you.

    and if we can't put it together and come to some sort of agreement as to how we should use this awesome opportunity we've been afforded then we should preserve our resources and hope our children succeed where we are failing. because, make no mistake...we are failing.

    we are so caught up in the mechanized routine of the working world that many, if not most, toil away at jobs designed to enhance the individual life...but completely disregard the collective life. our life.

    the central, directed and purposeful utilization of our resources towards agreed upon ends and/or the preservation of those resources until those ends are agreed upon, beyond the basic necessities for a basic standard of life deserved by all, is my ideal.

    that is to soon as food, clothing, shelter, health, education and whatever else considered basic is humanity's rule, and not its exception, then the next step will be to do something with all that we have. to make something of this opportunity. when that happens, it won't be the end of our'll be just the beginning.

    those are my economics. but i'm young...i'm only 24. ask me again in 20 years and i bet my answer will have changed!

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