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    Default Mexican militia group: Autodefensas

    So a load of Mexicans begin a militia called Autodefensas and start battling the cartels. Obama/Holder don't like when 3rd party citizens interfere with their toy drug soldiers and the Mexican Government doesn't like having it's regional monopoly of power interfered with (the militia is about 10 times more effective apparently). There is a call to disarm these brave working class men.

    I wonder how tight the media lid will be so as not to give America any 'silly' ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawbawbowba View Post
    I wonder how tight the media lid will be so as not to give America any 'silly' ideas.
    The fact that the cartel wars are hardly covered is indicative of just how important it is for the U.S. to have a stable neighbor. That country needs a revolution.
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    The government and the cartel are one.

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    I love this. Sure, it's not exactly safe. But neither are drug cartels. I don't blame them for wanting to defend their neighborhoods. I don't think people should just form a lynch mob for any old reason, I think there should be an ongoing danger to the community. I wouldn't blame neighborhoods in the US overrun by gangs to form militias.

    So kudos to them.
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