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    Quote Originally Posted by Viv View Post
    That's EXACTLY how I feel. It's just like when people make racial hate jokes or jokes about the Jewish Holocaust.. I just can't laugh at them. I don't understand how anyone can..
    What's not funny about the holocaust?

    Sorry, i'm not being serious I think it's quite general among NT's to be able to joke about things that we find horrible. It's a detatched sense of humor devoid of the complications of feeling. Personally, I think it is the shit. But I know it's not very "clean" or "politically correct".

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourLocalJesus View Post
    What's not funny about the holocaust?
    The Shoah or holocaust is our measure of evil in the West because it is about as close to absolute evil as we have come.

    And it is interesting that MBTI is used to explain and justify turning the Shoah into a joke.

    But this should come as no surprise as MBTI was copied from the book, "Personality Types", by Carl Jung.

    And Carl Jung was a free, voluntary NAZI collaborator.

    Normally MBTI is a party game. But it is a party game where the personality is reified just as the six million were reified in order to kill them.

    And of course, for many, MBTI is more than a party game, it is a cult.

    But it is the character of MBTI that is most interesting - it is innocent on the surface and sinister underneath.

    Of course MBTI needs to hide its true nature. And its innocent facade is needed for recruitment.

    But beyond the playful innocence, its appeal lies in its intention to reify.

    And we reify, we turn living people into things, so we can harm them with a clear conscience.

    So MBTI is brilliant in giving us a sense of innocence while licensing us to harm others.

    MBTI is brilliant and successful.
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