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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    Way too many of them are thugs in uniform. Beating an unarmed mentally ill man to death and facing no consequences is not justice.
    So true.
    Unfortunately, it's far worse in other countries. If you look up things such as police brutality, corruption, or gang-related violence in India, you'll find plenty of cases where the justice system has helped these criminals far more than it has helped innocent civilians. It's heartbreaking, honestly.
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    According to Roy Baumeister, author of "Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty", roughly 6% of the military are mentally impaired. These are the guys who collect scalps and shoot up civilians. That 6% figure is probably accurate for police forces as well. When there are thousands of officers, it's not all that unusual that a few are bad apples. I didn't listen to the evidence presented, but there is no doubt in my mind the arrest could've and should've been handled differently.
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    Say what you will about his pleas and cries - those are commonplace in almost any arrest by force. The subject verbally expresses cooperation yet physically still resists. I've seen this personally when my father was arrested. It took seven cops to subdue/arrest him. It sounds terrible but if you look at the subjects body language they are "locked up" and not putting their hands behind their back, etc. You can see this on Cops quite a bit. I saw this in the video with Mr. Thomas.

    However, I don't understand the police hitting the subject IN THE FACE with blunt objects. That does not correlate to any training that I know of for subduing resisting subjects and if that was - as it seems a contributing factor to his death- I think they should have been held accountable.

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    The two cops beleaguer him for over 15 minutes, waiting for him to make one seemingly wrong move. As it finally comes, they immediately begin beating him. Perhaps the murder was involuntary, but a heavy bludgeoning was certainly intentional, not to mention entirely unjustified by the victim's actions. He just stood, sat and talked.

    Their acquittal is a gross mistake and does indeed set a sinister precedent.

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    As someone who worked with schizophrenics and other mentally folks for years and had to physically restrain them to keep them from hurting me, themselves, or other people many many times I find the actions of these cops so incredibly disgusting it makes my blood boil. We have a serious problem with cops in this country.

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