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    he problem comes from expectations.

    "Why can't I live in the country and work 50 miles away? I have a car."
    changes to
    "I need my car for work"

    What was once a luxoury is now a necessity. Such is the way of things.

    If people actually used that large muscle that rests just behind their TV receptors, they'd realise that with a bit of planning and some decent infrastructur that all things are achievable, even the removal of cars from society..... just not by tomorrow.
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
    To "give up" cars you must have them to begin with. In much of the world, nobody owns them at this point.

    In many places that grew up with/after the automobile the distances are so great that it would not be practical to go without some form of independent transportation. It's already cutting down on the use of automobiles and transit system fare revenue is way up.

    The fact is that an alternative will come in when it gets to that point, forcing oil-based energy to no longer be used for transportation... We'll probably end up going to electricity, which is regulated by the people/government and speculation won't make it possible for them to increase prices as they have with oil (which, due to it's high importance in our world, never should be subject to market forces).

    Economic crisis? Yes.

    But then we (in the US) won't have much available to spend on, so it won't really matter, since essentially everything we buy that isn't food is made in China and came via oil-fueled boats. Therefore, they will feel the effects worse than we will, since so much of their population does nothing but cater to the first world's ravenous consumption of cheap crap. Many areas could experience famines due to transportation problems since trucks are the only way to deliver food from where it is grown to densely-populated areas.
    I think what Wolf said is spot-on.

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