'My skin is fairer than yours,and i live in houses made of stone while yours is dark and you live in a hut, therefore im clearly superior and have dominion over you.'

The exercise of arbitrarly drawing lines and use random differences in order to feel superior and justified in indulging ironically what we consider baser urges -aka to exploit another for our own gain - is as old as time.

And it is a hypothesis that has been debunked time and time again.

It is funny - Darwin knew his research would be too much for his contempories to swallow so he hid it and waited till his hand was forced. Even with his theory fully integrated in our scientific community though, we are *still* looking for random ways to outshine other species in an attempt to prove...i dunno, really. I guess we just want to feel speshul so we fix the race to take place on our turf and assign random value to whatever area we come out on op of.

It is almost like sibling rivalry on a bigger scale.

Guess our ego still hasnt processed the shock of hearing we aint that special afterall and are just another animal walking the earth. More than that, we were...wrong in our assumption that we are. How unsettling to hear for that conscious, clearly superior mind.