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View Poll Results: Women, do you kill bugs/arachnids/rodents in your house/apartment yourself?

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  • Jar Jar Binks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    my preference is to get them out of the house rather than kill them but i will if it has to be just usually doesn't.

    i have usually been less freaked out by them then whatever opposite gender person was around.
    Yeah this basically...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    I do freak out if I'm weeding and a slug gets on me, though.
    slugs are my favorite. and worms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolita View Post
    slugs are my favorite. and worms.
    Red worms are my favorite fishing bait.
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    I love pouring salt on slugs. and I get an odd satisfaction over killing bugs, don't know about rodents never had that problem. I get sad when fleas getting taken care of, just i can no longer kill them by squishing them. though they are annoying their is that sense of lost

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    Bed Bugs can only be exterminated by a professional pest controller using DEET.

    The gender of the pest controller doesn't seem to matter.

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    Lol, I don't live with someone of the opposite sex. I'm afraid of spiders, but I've learned to kill them myself (shudders). Any spider I see gets killed mercilessly. Any other bug pretty much gets a free pass because when I see it, I get a shock of fear for a second that it might be a spider, and then I get a rush of relief that it's not one. So they get to live . The only exceptions to this are mosquitos and bees, which could actually hurt me. Thankfully, I don't live in an area with cockroaches, and I've never had to deal with rodents yet. I'd kill cockroaches myself . . . as for rodents, uh yeah, I'll see what I end up doing if (when) that happens.
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    I'm not a girl but I hate bugs.

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    I'll kill bugs but if I ever saw a rodent in the house I would be screaming and leaving and making my boyfriend do it.

    Actually one time there was a cockroach in mu hotel room and me and my cousins called the front desk to send someone to kill it for us.

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    I don't understand why some people have a problem with spiders or mice. Spiders are good for the apartment, so I let them live here and though there aren't any mice around here, I find both mice and rats kind of cute.

    For anthing else (wasps, roaches, etc): if I want it dead or removed (caught and then thrown out) I do it myself. That also goes for maggots - the only thing I do find disgusting. In any case I am far less screamish than my male SO
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    I'm...arachnophobic. So anything with 8 legs has got to *GO*. Or I won't sleep. 8 is just too many legs, I'm sorry. Luckily, I live in Europe where the only poisonous spider isn't able to pierce our skins anyways, but its just...
    No, the idea of that thing on my skin....*shivers*

    After seeing me respond to a rather large spider crawling from under a stack of dishes I was about to do with screaming and stomping my feet on the floor, my INTJ - who before didn't believe one could be so scared of a small critter - sort of looked at me wide-eyed, got up slowly and went 'Ok, so that is something we're going to manage from now on.' He then proceeded to get rid of the spider. And that was that. Since it is his call, he'll kill them if they are too big - grossness factor - or just put them outside if he is up for it.

    Since we had a long-distance relationship for many years though, I was often alone when I was surrounded by spiders. I remember cat and dog sitting during spider season at my mom's house - and her house of course is in the country. They took over the Tv-corner, which I let them have. But when one appeared in the shower, I was kind of....stumped. I had 2 weeks left in that house and my INTJ wasn't coming for another week. I wasn't about to not shower. So, I took their 6 week old kitten, stuffed it in the shower, closed the door and waited 3 minutes. Problem solved. At home, we had less spiders as we lived in the city, and well..6 cats kept most of the bugs under control

    When it does not pertain spiders, he does tend to take care of it as well, unless its stripy and has wings. That's my department as he has never been stung before and prefers to keep it that way - and I'm more animal inclined. Oddly, I've been stung 4 times by now, and am still not scared of those things. Not a fan, but not scared


    INTJ usually does the bugs - especially spiders as I'm arachnophobic -but I take care of anything stripy and flying and anything obviously gross, like maggots since I'm typically the animal manager in our relationship. And of course the cats pitch in and often take care of bugs and mice before we have to step in. Team effort

    Also, I consider it invasion of space when they come in, as they do space invasion on your body as well and that is where I draw the line. If i can put them outside without killing them, I will though.

    Also, dude, your poll is topsy turvy. I have no clue how to vote using that thing

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