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Thread: Did you vote?

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    Emperor/Dictator kyuuei's Avatar
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    ^ Agreed. I don't generally vote in Presidential elections because I've cared little for either candidate for a long time now.. and Texas generally votes republican no matter what.
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    I thought you meant "Did you vote.. in the last Presidential election."

    I didn't even know there was a thing this year. Then again, my choices basically boil down to Red v. Red on everything, so my time is better spent watching playthroughs of Zelda II and posting on TypoC.

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    I am pretty sure there were no elections here this year. I would not swear to that, but there were no yard signs. I did not see a single one and yard signs are a big thing for local elections around here. I also couldn't find anything on the websites, nor have I seen anything in the local news. And yesterday, I saw a city council member (my favorite one) touching up the paint at my eye doctor's office and it seems like maybe he wouldn't be doing that the day before elections. At least, he wouldn't have been doing so wearing headphones.
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    I'm about to though the Dems aren't even fielding candidates for the local positions which is sorta surprising given that this is NYS and 30-40% around here are Dems/ lean left.

    There's still statewide resolutions on casinos, selling state forests to mines, and raising the forced retirement age of judges.
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    I voted to legalize marijuana, No to a crap-load of bond issues, my city council vote was more a vote against the incumbent than a vote for the person I selected. For the water district I just did my usual of voting for whoever lives closest to me, I had to choose 2 and I don't even remember their names even though it was only an hour ago.
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    Only on local propositions. I was so very close to writing Albus Dumbledore in for President this last election. I really don't see the point of voting with the way the electoral college works. If you tend to agree with the rest of the people in your region of residence it will go your way anyway. If you disagree, it won't matter because they call the state within seconds of the polls closing. That's what living on the West Coast has taught me anyways. If I lived in a swing state I would probably care more.
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    My precinct didn't have any elections or initiatives this year (either that or they changed polling locations after 17+ years).

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    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    Of course I vote. We all vote because we want to know what the people want, so we have compulsory voting.

    Of course countries without compulsory voting don't want to know what the people want, but rather want to know what money wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturned View Post
    I checked the ballot for my zip code and discovered the only thing on there are school board people... that I have no idea who they are and what they are about... and I don't have children. So... no, I didn't vote. I tend to only go in even years.
    Check with your local League of Women Voters. They usually publish a Voters Guide, even in the off-year elections, with short write-ups by each candidate, and well as pro/con articles on ballot issues. If I didn't vote, I'd have to turn in my LWV card!
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    I think local politics are more important then people think, and I wish I knew more about them. But I did vote today.

    I see I forgot to make this poll public. Oh well.
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