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    China and America: the Rational and the Irrational

    China has created a rational successful economy, at the same time China irrationally wants revenge for being humiliated by the West and Japan for a long time.

    Rationally, China would just like to bloody the nose of the West and Japan and establish their hegemony over East Asia, just as the USA established their hegemony over North, Central and South America under the Monroe Doctrine.

    However the USA stands in their way. So China has located the two strengths of the USA with a view to neutalising them. The first strength of the USA are twelve Aircraft Carrier Task Forces. And the second strength is the the US dollar as the Reserve Currency of the World.

    So China has targetted each Aircraft Carrier with a nulear tipped ballistic missle. So the first strength of the USA has been neutralised.

    To neutalise the second strength of the USA, the US dollar as the Reserve Currency of the World, is proving more difficult.

    So China set out to buy US dollars and have been remarkabley successful and now the USA is indebted to China.

    But this has failed to neutralise the US dollar, so China has taken impotently to bad mouthing the US dollar.

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    At the same time China is playing chicken in the South China Sea and have come within seconds of firing on a Japanese warship.

    This could get out of hand very easily, just as it did in 1913.

    For instance, China fires on a Japanese warship, the USA retaliates to help an ally, China then loses their cool and fires a nuclear tipped ballistic missle at a USA Aircraft Carrier in the South China Sea. The USA retaliates by firing missles at Chinese military forces. China sees red and takes out everyone of the USA's 12 Aircraft Carriers.

    And just China wants revenge for past humiliations, so revenge is as American as apple pie.

    So the USA takes out dams, military installations and factories in China in payback.

    China panics and fires 200 nuclear ballistic missles at USA cities. and the USA has no alternative but to reply in kind.

    At the same time Iran takes advantage of the war between the USA and China to fire two nuclear missles at Israeli cities. And the Israelies reply with 100 nuclear bombs on dams, bridges, military installations, and factories, driving Iran back to the Stone Age.

    And Pakistan and India take advantage by fighting their own nuclear war, leaving Pakistan destroyed and India wounded.

    But unfortunately with all these nuclear weapons going off, we are coming to Nuclear Winter, for not one but many seasons. And so thousands of millions die of starvation, disease and cold.

    Unconsciously China wants revenge for past humiliations, and the USA will take revenge for present attacks. And so our world, as we know it, comes to an end.

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    Have you read Commander-1? It was written in the 60's, and the author comitted suicide the year after its publish.

    I dearly love the world. I hope to see a distant future for us all.

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    Since when is China's economy rational?

    This is fit for posting on some fanfic-site. I'm not sure what it would be a fanfic of; perhaps some 90s Steven Seagal or Schwarzenegger movie? Either way it has no basis in reality.

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    Our first attempt at globalisation reached its height in 1913, but it brought to the surface the damaged psyche which expressed itself in the catastrophe of the First World War.

    Our second attempt at globalisation has reached the heights in 2013 revealing the damaged psyche of the world in China's desire to revenge their humiliation, in America's desire for revenge, in Islam's desire for revenge.

    So the second attempt at globalisation may end as badly as the first.

    We only have to look around our site here to see many damaged psyches.

    Most of the damage is unconscious and is ready and waiting to reveal itself as we become more globally prosperous.

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    When we speak of globalisation, we only speak of the externals, we completely ignore the psyche.

    But as the world becomes more externally prosperous, our psyches express themselves.

    We know the psyches of China, America and Islam are informed by ressentiment and seek revenge.

    The ressentiment of China was caused by the humiliation by the West and Japan. And the ressentiment of America is found in their strain of paranoia caused by their revolt against lawful authority and their civil war. And the ressentiment of Islam is because the Koran teaches that it is the place of muslims to rule over dhimmi and infidels, but they can no longer do so.

    And perhaps none of this would matter so much if they didn't have nuclear weapons.

    It's amazing that on a site devoted to psychology, the psychological nature of globalisation is ignored.

    And it's not as though we haven't seen this all before in 1913.

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