I've not been out in any of the city spots in longer than I care to imagine but what do any of you who are more social butterflies feel about the guys who stand in the bathrooms with the after shaves and stuff and offer you hand towels from the hand towel machine and you're meant to give them money in their wee tray without asking for it?

I only encountered this sort of thing out in Spain and places like that but its become more common in Dublin and Belfast in the last ten or twelve years, so far as I know, maybe it is uncommon elsewhere.

I've always felt as ambivalent as hell about it, to be honest I wish they guys werent there to be honest. I've been told that may be some sort of racism because they are generally ethnic minorities, some of whom do not speak good english but I dont think there's anything racist about it. I just dont think its cool because its not in actually classy in the way that it is meant to be a sembalence of or imitation of.