Yes, the Germans are about to award the Aussies the Iron Cross for gallantry and courage in WW I.

Yes, WW I began for us in the Indian Ocean with the German raider Emden taking out our mechantile shipping and bringing trade to a halt.

The Captain of the Emden, Von Mueller, was a brilliant and courageous commander, and he was always impeccably gallant to those he had defeated, by for instance, letting them leave their ship before he sank it, then caring for the wounded.

But all good things come to an end and the Emden was cornered by HMAS Sydney, fired upon and driven onto a reef, until the German Ensign was lowered, then we took off the Germans and cared for their wounded.

It was a gentlemanly battle - German gentlemen fighting Australian gentlemen with respect all round.

And as part of a Navel commemoration in Sydney Harbour, the Germans are awarding us the Iron Cross.

Who would have guessed?