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    Default Is democracy real?

    Is democracy really possible? Is it real? Do we live in democratic system?
    For example I am unhappy with the current society I have to live in. I don't agree with the govermant and social system and that makes me want to get away and live my life by my own self and I don't want to give anything to govermant as much as I don't want govermant to give anything to me. But can I? No I can't... Because I need money to pay for food I need to eat, I have to work if I want to have any money and so I have to transfer taxes to the govermant and I automaticly become a part of a system. Now let's think about this... Isn't it sick, that even when people dissagree with almost everything that is going around, they just have to be a part of it to survive? Through this we can see the power of a social system, that it has over one individuality. The person is letarly absorbed by the majority. And this is what most of the people call democracy, or "freedom". there is one great quote, that says "The domocracy can't ever work, when the minority is oppressed by majority". Both majority and minority are equally important. Doesn't the basic pillar of democracy say: " The freedom of one ends, when the freedom of another is repressed".
    But how can we get rid off this phenomen? Is is possible to get everyone satisfied? No...naturually is not. There will ever be one who's freedom was repressed for wellbeing of others. That si why the democracy can't be real in the literal sense of this word.
    The only form of democracy, that could possibly make a difference is called direct. It's based on an idea, that all people in country participate in crating the laws, systems.... But again is this possible? Can all the poeple agree on one thing? Would be everyone really participated? If people would be so wise and take the power in their own hands, would be our leaders so kind and leave their warm chairs? Again...probaly not. So I am asking is democracy possible? If so how? Where do we live? Why are out social system so called "democratic"?
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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    I think you try to equate "democracy" with a "perfect system" which isnt really what it means. The term has become morally loaded when it is, in fact, supposed to be neutral.

    So you've realized that democracy does not promote minorties, since it is founded on the word of the majority. I dont view democracy as just. It is unjust to those who hold a minority opinion. It must be noted that when Obama, for example, talks about minorities' rights though, he means ethnic and racial minorities, not those who hold a minority opinion. If those with a minority opinion have no say in politics, in a democracy, they are often tolerated as well.

    Still, I think you should look up Tocqueville if you feel like you do about democracy.

    Furthermore, when citizens are all almost equal, it becomes difficult for them to defend their independence against the aggressions of power. As none of them is strong enough to fight alone with advantage, the only guarantee of liberty is for everyone to combine forces. But such a combination is not always in evidence.
    And now there came out of this building a form - human - was it human? ... It reminded me of symbolical images of Genius or Demon that are seen on Etruscan vases or limned on the walls of Eastern sepulchres - images that borrow the outlines of man, and are yet of another race.

    -Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton, The Coming Race

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