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    Default Some parents suck.

    Check out the man's website for more.

    I'm not actually shocked that some parents have threatened to sue him (I've long since grown numb to our litigious culture, and we've all heard outrageous stories about criminals suing their victims), but I am shocked that only one set of parents dragged their kids over to his place to take responsibility, not to mention avoid a friggin' arrest or lawsuit. In all honesty I could totally see myself doing what those teens did at that age (except for taking my own picture committing a crime, those dumbasses), the combination of thrill-seeking youthful exuberance and peer-pressure can easily cause one to ignore their conscience and perhaps rationalize that they didn't cause any damage, but I could never imagine my parents, upon finding out, not dragging my ass over there to apologize, work off the debt, and thank the man for not pressing charges-and of course grounding me for as long as I was teenage and living under their roof.

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    The link didn't work for me but I searched the website and found it. This is the link to the page that turned up when I searched for that title:

    This is crazy. I would be thrilled and grateful if someone whose property my child had vandalized took this tack in handling the problem over just having them arrested. Not that I would fight the arrest if I knew my kid had actually done it. But his invitation for them to come help repair the home is a great example of restorative justice, which IMO is (often? usually? always? I haven't decided yet) preferable to vengeance/punitive justice. This could have been a fantastic teachable moment for all those kids. Too bad they all seem to have shitty parents.

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    The response by their parents is contributing to my understanding of the children and why they thought this kind of behavior was even allowable in the first place. I mean, wtf, seriously?

    My kids don't even seem to have a desire to do this kind of thing; they'd all have more empathy for the property owner and not want to infringe in his personal space and/or destroy/damage his stuff. They think about how others feel, and we wouldn't even have to say anything. I'm still kinda mind-blown that the parents are reacting as they are.
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    if i did something like that my parents would drag my ass out of bed and make me apologize and make me thank him for not pressing charges, and make me help him fix his house back up.and I would also be grounded for eternitiy

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    :/ Really not much to say on the issue... I had little faith in teenagers when I was a teenager.. I spent most of my teenage years ashamed that I had to live at all during that time frame because of how ignorant I felt the people around me were--and then I struggled with a feeling of superiority where I felt bad for even thinking that as if I were excluded despite the fact I didn't participate in the things others were doing--so to say I'm surprised that teenagers did this would be a lie.

    I'm not even surprised that parents didn't make their kids atone for their crimes.. I am surprised that they reacted as strongly as they did. I hope Holloway does counter sue and every one of those parents has to pay for their laziness.
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