I just got through watching the documentary about this siege, its pretty clear that the minute the terrorists took over the camp the Algerian authorities found out that they'd signed their own and the hostages death warrants, the Algerian special forces just wanted to kill all the terrorists and it really looks like they could have cared less about the hostages, opening fire on vans carrying them resulting in the terrorists detonating suicide vests.

It actually looks like a bit of a fuck up for them that the survivors made it out of the compound and in one instance out of one of the cars which had been fired upon and carried a terrorists who blew himself up because just how little of a shit they gave for the hostages has become even clearer.

Although what I really want answers about is why and how and what the hell was going on that one of the terrorists was a 22yr old Ontario Canadian kid, I can hardly believe that, what the hell is going on?