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    Default What is your opinion of the ongoing reports about trolling/cyberbullying costing life

    What's your opinions about stuff like this?

    I think its pretty sick that there's people visiting websites and encouraging people to take their lives, could this be how the serial killers of tommorrow ply their trade? How to counter it or contain it do you think?
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    I dont really understand the article nor what sites its about, its confusing so Im just gonna post some thoughts on the subject of protectiing yourself over the net.

    With the internet, acting with Wisdom is key. I wouldnt recommend posting overly personal information in public places, which stangers have access to. Of course if you're a teenager then its all very confusing as to what is Wise and what is not, since Wisdom comes with experience and at that age you're still making mistakes and learning. Which is what is so dangerous about the internets. I think its good to safeguard your information on the internet even if that means youll have less fun.

    Edit: The internet scares me.
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