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    Quote Originally Posted by Typh0n View Post

    That article is about medicare and cutting spendings? I skimmed over it and it doesnt seem to make mention of automation doing the job of a human.
    The article talks about radiologists losing jobs because of the development of teleradiology firms. That's not the same thing as automation but by moving radiologists out of hospitals and able to give diagnoses virtually, we're getting closer.
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    I've got pretty strong opinions on privacy and informed consent. Privacy is like a lost temple refuge in the heart of the amazon, crawling with tigers, evolving a new biological power, and informed consent is the bullshit on the ferry ride that tourists take to disneyland. The joke is that most people are totally clueless/don't care that all the shit there to "help" make their lives easier comes at a cost to privacy. Let's not kid ourselves, we're ripe and perfect victims for enslavement by an all seeing corporate government.
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