There's a bit of drama surrounding this and I wonder if what Stallone has said about Willis could be true, that he was greedy, lazy, career failure, I wonder because Willis seems to be getting more roles, even if they are in shows in which he's not the complete lead such as GI Joe (although I think you could argue he's the lead in Red 1 and 2) and maybe Stallone isnt getting those offers.

I saw Willis on interview shows in the UK and he seemed like Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson or Morgan Freeman, people who I could stand for more than five minutes in person who were not all screen personality, I like Nic Cages films but I dont think I'd want to spend much time in his company for instance given what I've seen of him in a couple of similar interview shows. Perhaps Willis has changed.

Do these kinds of things influence the success of movies or acting careers do you think? Has it always been this way or is this a new development hinging on things like twitter?