This video was in 2007 that details quite a bit of what has happened recently and what they want to keep asking for.

THAT is the real danger.

Hedrick Smith: "The government is doing this kind of data-mining... has it gone from individual suspicion, get an individual warrant, to generalized suspicion, to check everybody to find out who are the bad guys?"

Peter Swire: "Yeah, check everybody. Everybody's a suspect. Everybody's phone records, everybody's emails is subject to government scrutiny. And if you are 'good' we won't bother you, if you look a little strange, we'd put you on a watch-list."

Hedrick Smith: "Isn't that a huge change in Anglo-Saxon law? I mean... Anglo-Saxon law is based on... to get a warrant, the fourth amendment to get a warrant based on individual suspicion."

Peter Swire: "General warrants was part of the reason for the American Revolution. It was that the King's agent could go in and search a house everywhere... search a whole neighborhood with one warrant. And the Boston people said we didn't like that, we don't like that, we'd have a tea party, we'd fight you, and we said no."


Suzanne Spaulding: So many people in America believe this does not affect them. They have been convinced that these programs are only targeted at suspected terrorist. I am not engaged in any terorist activity, therefore, this does not concern me. There is no way in which I'd be caught up in this... activity."

Hedrick Smith: "And you think that is wrong"

Suzanne Spaulding: "And I think that is wrong, as I said, our technology is not perfect, our programs are not perfect, and it is inevitable that totally innocent Americans are going to be affected by these programs."