I dont know if this link will be viewable to everyone outside of the UK, it is to a documentary special upon social media and its reliability/trustability as a source of information to individual users, the public, other sorts of media (I had not really realised the extent to which a lot of mainstream reportage is now recycling other sources, PR, press releases etc.).

Its something I had not given that much thought to but a lot of the criticisms of the media back in the nineties as either politically biased or merely entertainment or advertising driven and corporate sponsored looked to social media as the more "real" and reliable alternative.

However, the new social media appears to be worse than the example than preceeded it, functioning along the same sorts of market principles as things like WoW you can buy "manufactured" "likes" and "attention" from "factories" of individuals in the developing world who just have people warehoused who will, for a fee, hit up your profile or page with as many of what you need to generate attention and what money or status can be expected to accompany it.

What's your thoughts and views on this?