illuminati rigged sports Heat Spurs nba finals 2013

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@superunknown I dont know what to make of it, except I was pretty dang suprised by 'how' the spurs lost, and this vid could have at least a bit of something to it. I read all the comments in the video. Pop (Spurs coach) gave games 6 and 7 away with bad subs supposedly, and Ginobli cooperated by playing horribly (Duncan [best Spurs player] was reported to have given Ginobli the 'death stare' at the end of game 7, and Pop curiously embraces the Heat stars of Wade and Leborn with intense warmth for their victory). I don't know what its related to, but its very annoying regardless of how it happened. Great series, only to be handed away at the end, very suspicioulsy.