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    Default Viral Video: Citizen Asserts Right to Not Be Detained at DUI Checkpoint

    I've seen this video making the rounds on Facebook and would like to hear the community's thoughts. The comments section is pretty heated between supporters and critics of the young man's actions, including other police officers uninvolved with the incident, who were also in disagreement. I can't attest to the veracity of the scenario here. It does appear to be an edited clip, but in it's current state, it looks pretty bad on the officers.

    I'm not sure where in the U.S. this was recorded. If anyone knows the particulars on this, I'd be grateful for the context as well.

    (5:10 into the video is a noteworthy moment.)
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    He isn't even black.

    Check points could be scary especially since cops get to be a cop while feeling like a persecutor, a judge and a jury at a check point.

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    At least he didn't have a dog. The police definitely would have shot the dog if he had one.
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    Police on Central

    We come from a print based society that gives authority, and we are moving to an electric society that gives conversation.

    The Police are quintessentially an authority, and any threat to their authority is met by the assertion of that authority. Or another way of saying it is, that the job of the Police is control, and any attempt to resist their control is met by more control, all the way up to lethal violence.

    So rather than challenging the authority of the Police in the street, we should engage the Police in conversation on Typology Central.

    Has anyone invited the Police to open an account on Central? And if not, why not?

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    I wonder if citizen actions like this are all equal, challenging cops enforcing security laws gets more coverage and is more popular than people resisting evictions or occupying their workplaces during mass lay offs.
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    DUI checkpoints have actually been acknowledged as unconstitutional, but ruled "okay" by the supreme court anyway for "the greater good." Just as big a deal as the NSA situation, but people hardly even pay any attention to this matter. The American public can be absolutely pathetic sometimes...
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