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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
    Seemed obvious to me....did someone question it? (or)
    Indeed. But you never know...some people...just...
    Jarlaxle/Mane: fact checking this thread makes me want to go all INFP on my wrists

    "I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing."
    -Roger Waters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Such Irony View Post
    I would be in favor of what the OP suggested. Actually implementing it though in the real world might be difficult. For most people their body rhythms are like the sun. Peak energy during sunlight hours and tiredness during dark. I think I read somewhere that some of this is actually biological. Of course culture too has an influence on this. If you are living alone, it's easier to adjust to a graveyard shift schedule. If you have family it's more difficult. For kids, the school hours are typically around 8am-3pm. If you're a parent working the graveyard shift, you'll probably want to sleep just when you're kids are all full of energy or want help with their homework.

    I would like to see some more options for places and services and that are open at the middle of the night but you can't realistically expect as many places to be open at 3 a.m. as at 3 p.m. without completing changing the structure of society.
    I usually find it hard to fall asleep at night; though I think it has more to do with my current sleeping schedule than the presence/absence of sunlight. Some studies suggest that there are physical and psychological difficulties associated with working at night, as far as the body not getting enough vitamin D, but one can take supplements and use those lamps for seasonal affective disorder.

    Regardless, being unemployed is more depressing than working 2nd or 3rd shift. And when the unemployed aren't contributing to the economy, it affects everyone. Yes, schools typically are open during the day which would present a challenge to parents who operate on a different schedule.

    You're right, it probably would require a complete restructuring of society to implement something like this, but if the economy takes another nose dive, it might be beneficial in the long run. It wouldn't work if only a few businesses extended their hours, but if many businesses did and employed those who are currently not working, it would also draw more customer service jobs to accommodate those who would be functioning late at night.

    Just a theory. It would be interesting to see this attempted on a small scale in a particular city that has a high unemployment rate and see if it makes a positive difference.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
    Seemed obvious to me....did someone question it? (or)
    Ha! Nobody mentioned it if they did, but you never know online. Intent can be easily misunderstood in written form.

    Quote Originally Posted by wheelchairdoug View Post
    Indeed. But you never know...some people...just...

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