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    Default The Rise and Rise of Greedy Government

    Quote Originally Posted by Janet Daley
    David Cameron said something last week that was the precise opposite of the truth – by which I do not mean, obviously, that he told a deliberate falsehood. What he did was simply relay the perversely inverted logic that has become conventional wisdom. What the Prime Minister said was: “If you want a low-tax economy, you have to collect the taxes that are owed.” When what he should have said, of course, was: “If you want to collect the taxes that are owed, you have to have a low-tax economy.”

    Mr Cameron’s statement was one of the more subtle threats contained in the declaration by the G8 – which was pretty much all they could agree on – that they are now the rightful owners of all the wealth produced by anyone except for certain exemptions that they will, subject to minimal notice, decide upon. His remark, presumably designed to provide moral justification for the unprecedented levels of shared surveillance and breaches of data protection that governments are preparing to launch, actually stood on its head the truth about effective tax collection. Which is that the lower rates of taxation are, the less likely it is that payment of them will be avoided or evaded. We have had yet another demonstration of this famous principle (the Laffer curve) in our very recent national history. The introduction of the 50p rate of income tax caused two-thirds of those earning a million pounds per year simply to disappear from the reach of HM Revenue & Customs. Whereas under the previous highest tax level of 40p, 16,000 people were prepared to declare earnings of one million pounds, that number shrank to only 6,000 after Gordon Brown, bless him, raised it to 50p. Result: the Treasury lost £7 billion in revenue.
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    I hate the government, and no one is gonna tell me otherwise. Government hasn't done SHIT for me except try to enslave me. It doesn't KNOW me, it hasn't DONE anything for me. Their revisionism is off the fucking charts. They take credit for every good thing that happened, if you could even say that. Really what they do is they say bad things would have happened if they hadn't intervened, even though they can never prove it. It is definite, though, that their interventions are always done with guns, ALWAYS. You don't follow their rules you go to "PRISON" LOL. I mean what the fuck is that? I never signed any god damn agreement for those bastards. I don't care if people voted on it. People are the biggest pieces of god damn shit. I do not recognize their authority over me. Government my ass. Just some way to control people you disagree with QED bye.

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