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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmm View Post
    My prediction is that we are going to see a gradual (yet quicker than we think) shift in race and culture in Western countries, as immigrants from Non-Westernized countries, who don't mind breeding, move in and become the majority.
    That's not likely going to happen. Muslim birthrates actually tend to decline over generations. By 3rd generation, their birth-rates tend to be comparable to the average of native Europeans.

    No doubt, immigration will present problems, I just don't buy the sensationalism about "Eurabia" and whatnot.

    I have no problems with this happening really, cause I think mixing is good,
    Although we tend to praise mixing as purely good, we often forget that mixing is a leading factor in leading to strife between communities. One example was how the most violent fighting in Bosnia occured in areas with the largest rates of inter-marriages.

    There's even a recent study showing that one reason why peace has prevailed for so long in Europe following WWII is because Europe's nations became more ethnically homogenous as a result of the war. Prior to that, there was much more ethnic mixtures and that lead to plenty of tensions and wars(WWI and WWII especially).

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    Peguy, is that Hitler in your avatar? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmm View Post
    Is that Hitler in your avatar? lol
    LOL! Nein, it's the Polish leader Józef Piłsudski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    No it doesn't. It's largely a vicious cycle that goes nowhere. For one thing; many of jobs in the developed world are outsourced to the Third World, yet at the same time those same developed nations need to import workers from these countries - which means competition with the indigenous workforce.

    Not to mention that many of the employers of these immigrants in the first world are often tied to the policies implemented in the Third World that forces these people to migrate in the first place.

    The only people who benefit from all this shit is Big business and big government - nobody else. Not the native workforce, and certainly not the immigrants themselves.

    Immigration is needed to sustain the economic status quo, yet that status quo is ultimately unstatainable in the long-term.

    A better solution is to devise a more just economic system that would render such migrations unnecessary in the first place.
    Ummm, where to start? Immigrants wouldn't go to rich countries if they didn't think they'd be better off. Their lives and their families' lives will improve in a country with more opportunities. That's the whole point. And downward pressure on wages helps the economy as a whole, because it keeps inflation lower than it would be otherwise. Competition is a GOOD thing in a market economy, remember? That goes for workers as well as for employers.

    And what exactly is wrong with being concerned about how few white Europeans there'll be? Oh let me guess, fascism and all that.
    There is an implication that white people will be swamped by brown people, and that that would be disastrous to traditionally white countries. If your society isn't strong enough to handle the influx of different races with different religion and philosophical beliefs, than your society has bigger problems than just large-scale immigration.
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