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    Quote Originally Posted by zago View Post
    Right, and I'm an idiot. I'm sorry, your post wasn't full of sarcasm. It was sincere. Thank you for being you. You're awesome.
    That's an awful bit of emoting for someone identifying as a thinking type.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

    whether or not you credit psychoanalysis itself, the fact remains that we all must, to the greatest extent possible, understand one another's minds as our own; the very survival of humanity has always depended on it. - Open Culture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    That's an awful bit of emoting for someone identifying as a thinking type.
    ..Because Ts do not have emotions.


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    Ironically, I've come across a few people who don't believe in the theory of evolution, but believe in Social Darwinism, whether they call it that or not.
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    What you on about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    That's an awful bit of emoting for someone identifying as a thinking type.
    Thinkers can sometimes be the worst when it comes to emoting. It's easy to look at the world around you and conclude that those of an overly emotional display are irrational, illogical and prone to siding with unproven nonsense and general vibes, rather than hard evidence or reason.

    However suppression of ones own emotions, (which until we become part of a computerised network will always be a part of our biology), can result in a dangerous amount of projection and internal conflict. As this becomes more unconscious the thinking type outwardly would seem calm and collected as usual, but internally their emotions will be interfering with their normal logical approach. Suddenly they take logic to it's absolute extremes, unaware that what they are really doing is diluting the normally impersonal nature of that logic. So then it becomes filled with bias and prejudice, unfounded on a factual or reasoned basis, or at least twisting those elements to more emotion based matters.

    Of course there are plenty of knee-jerk feelers who group up on certain values in a society and then react foolishly without thinking first, but thinkers can be just as bad if they let their weaker feeling become too unconscious, just as a feeler becomes self-destructive and justifies the worst of acts through unconscious thinking.

    Being emotionally intelligent is far more useful than many think.

    Sorry to derail the thread somewhat.
    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

    Suppose a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?"
    "Suppose it didn't," said Pooh, after careful thought.
    Piglet was comforted by this.
    - A.A. Milne.

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