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    Wink election 2030s (the future of political figures)

    not much can be said on the 2032 election candidates, but we can probably expect the following:
    • they will have tweets and/or skype chat logs of their world ending because their highschool sweetheart dumped them or because they didn't get invited to a party.
    • they will have pictures from ceg parties that at one point or another have being tagged on facebook.
    • if they flashed anyone at any point in time, there's a better chance than ever that someone recorded it.
    • they will have various posts, chat logs and often youtube vids talking about controversial matters, cursing and using various forms of humor people will find inappropriate, ranging from racist to sexual to fart jokes.
    • they will have search result logs from years back, including not only pornography, but also the definition of something, where a country is at, and various other pieces of knowledge you'd want to be able to take for granted that a president can have.

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    I can't wait to read a potential presidential candidate's livejournal or xanga.

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    They never used drugs though. Nobody of this generation knows what Marijuana is, much less how to inhale.
    And now there came out of this building a form - human - was it human? ... It reminded me of symbolical images of Genius or Demon that are seen on Etruscan vases or limned on the walls of Eastern sepulchres - images that borrow the outlines of man, and are yet of another race.

    -Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton, The Coming Race

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