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    Default Trends in video games platfroms and consoles?

    Do you think there will ever be the diversification in video games platforms and consoles that there once was or is that pretty much done now? I remember at one stage there being like three or four seperate platforms on the market simultaneously with branded games and characters exclusive to each, the release of sega games, including the sonic games, on other platforms, such as playstation, signalled a capitulation or significant develop to me when I recall the sort of affinities and tribalism which existed beforehand, I dont think that Mario was ever released on the playstation or x-box though, was it?

    I remember there being a number of prime time evening viewing/broadcasting for young people dedicated to gaming, one prime time adult viewing slot, a TV show GamesMaster which was moved around but kept on the schedule of one network for years after that stage and a profileration of magazines.

    Does anyone think that's a trend that could be repeated or is it done?

    I just wonder because if you read about the history of Atari gaming and gaming at that time it seemed to have gone through cycles and had its own scene, complete with events and tournaments but then disappeared, the pattern repeated itself with Nintendo (which despite being a Japanese firm is as American as apple pie and world series for most of the people I know) but I'm not sure if it will continue like that since all sorts of devices are now plugged into gaming but not solely games platforms.

    I know when mobile phones were new and all the buzz there were dozens of different styles, clam, swivel, slider, folder, and that's about done, and no one had yet thought at that stage about why you'd need a camera, internet access and games on your phone, now most of those things would be standard features.
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    I think those days are over unless someone plans on making a system that plays flash based 2d games.

    Back in the day, any knowledgable person could create sonic the hedgehog on their own. The games were so simple to create. Nowadays, its almost unheard of to have a gaming system with such easy games to make.

    These days, indy games are growing. More and more people are making their own games so they can be recognized and one day make it to the Halo/Killzone level of funding.

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    General purpose personal computers are going to completely destroy all other game platforms eventually, I think probably not that far in the future. This is because graphical capabilities are approaching the point of total realism, and likewise perceptibly realistic physics on a large scale is also in our reach. Once that happens, the potentially abilities of a dedicated game machine will basically hit a wall, PCs catch up, and there will be no point in console systems.

    So soon it's entirely a matter of branding instead of platform. And when it comes to branding, game companies have been conglomerating for years, while the abilities of indie developers have improved rapidly (check out the Humble Indie Bundle). The difference between corporate and indie computer games is probably the future divide. This ultimately forks in two directions. With the indie games, it promises more diversity in gaming than there's ever been. With the corporate games, it will be much less than before.
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