I think this is a more interesting question than whether or not everyone had a gun.

What if everyone had a trust fund? Its been taken up by different theorists in different shapes, like guaranteed income, citizens wage, minimum income and, while misunderstood and therefore very easy to strike off before it become operational, the past UK labour government actually tried to institute universal trust funds for all members of the populace born from a specific date in the shape of baby bonds.

Businesses and public services would be relieved of any expectation to provide jobs, that is besides the minimum necessary to carry out their functions, it could result in changes in what is expected from both private and public sectors as their functions could be performed by independent citizens with the time to do so.

I could envisage big changes in public views about wealth distribution or redistribution, taxation, work, spending, public policy and planning.

It could make a reality of much of the talk about freedom when the necessities of life are not dependent upon anyone finding work, its not automatically going to satisfy everyone because while people are focused on maximal rather than optimal consumption they're as liable as ever to waste their trust or stamp but that's their business and likely to teach some lessons in personal responsibility, individual fiscal responsibility and fiscal awareness.

So what do you think? Rather have a gun than a fund? Alright, yeah...