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    Default Defining freedom and consumerism

    Would you agree that freedom has become synomyous with maximal consumption? That is to say that a person is free in so far that they can consume and the more they can consume or do consume the freer they are, if you dont can you explain why? If you dont do you think that your definition of freedom, or better yet, your personal experience of freedom can be generalised to society at large?

    Is the association between maximal consumption and freedom ahistorical, ie this has always been the case and in all societies or cultural contexts, or is it a historical stage that one part of the world is at presently and recently?

    Would it be possible to switch from maximal consumption to optimal consumption and what would distinguish the two? What would the consequence be for freedom?

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    The freedom to abstain from "consumption" is as important to the overall idea of freedom as the ability to "consume" should you wish to do so.

    It really is already about optimal "consumption", and always has been. However, what is "optimal" can vary from person to person, belief to belief, so naturally, it may not seem like someone is making optimal use of their freedom.

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