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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    At the New South Wales Special Commission Of Inquiry into Child Abuse, Mr Grant, a former police officer, who tried to investigate child abuse in the Catholic Church, testified under oath, that a nun provided false evidence and tipped off the paedophile priest.

    And in the documentary, "Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God", we witness a nun vociferously defending a paedophile priest.

    It's interesting: Australia's only saint is a nun, yet it is plain that paedophile rings couldn't have operated within the Church without the co-operation of the nuns.
    Similar cases happened all over the world: In France, in Belgium, in Germany...

    And I wonder why so many brave Catholics stubbornly avoid the evidences (well, for Lark it's obviously a question of identity, since he already confessed that as a Northern Irish Catholic, his religion defines his "tribe", his sense of self). It's not a crusade against Catholicism, but rather, it should be interesting to note or to understand if we see a kind of recurring pattern here, and with similar cases, whether they happened within the English show-industry, within the Islamic world, or anywhere.

    The subject remains paedophilia. Why does it happen?
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    Power and Paedophilia

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmail! View Post
    The subject remains paedophilia. Why does it happen?
    I think the most interesting explanation is power.

    Paedophilia is the perfect expression of power over a powerless person.

    So we might say, paedophilia is the perfect expression of clerical power, particularly when the paedophile cleric is protected by their powerful international institution.

    And we might even go further and say, paedophilia is the perfect expression of power of a powerful international institution.

    And another interesting question is, why are we now revealing paedophila for the first time in history, and bringing the paedophiles before the criminal courts, and seeking damages in our civil courts from the abusing institutions?

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