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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post
    Oh. Florida. That explains it.

    He only had one term, they've got Rick Scott now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beorn View Post
    It's stupid. The student deserves a detention. People are getting ridiculous.
    I agree. it's one thing to purposefully create a dangerous situation, another to make a mistake with minor outcomes.

    This country is freaking out. Expulsion and felonies? Even the expulsion has a pretty high cost for the student.

    These kinds of harsh punishments just embitter kids and erode their future, not help them.

    Curious kids like blowing things up. My friends and I did. I'm pretty sure there's video of evidence of us producing a 20 ft high flame on some vacant property with an explosion. Crap, even when we did get caught it wasn't so bad. I remember getting caught by a cop trespassing and using fireworks and a potato gun. He told us to stop what we were doing. Then he saw the potato gun, asked if he could give it a try, he took a shot with it, and then told us to go home. All of this was before 911.
    That last sentence -- part of the reason why.

    Anyway, when I was in chem lab in high school, my chem teacher used to blow things up. One time he set a 3' diameter hydrogen balloon on fire in front of the class as a demonstration. He also made something colloquially called "fly powder" -- looked like black powder but it would actually ignite if something as small as a fly even landed on it. (He relayed a story once about how he stupidly, gingerly dumped some extra material in the trash, and then the janitor came and grabbed the can and pitched the contents into his bin and it went off.) He also took out white phosporus (?) which is stored in water lest it ignite. Pretty interesting to watch it start to smolder all on its own.

    And I had my share of time outside of school, playing around with waterproof fuses, black rifle powder, and saltpeter, among other things. I never messed with pipe bombs, but items with low-risk, sure.
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